Dump a few Bean Bags and Seats in your living room


Want a cozy, comfortable and affordable couch to put in the living room? Buy a beanbag


People of all ages can sit back and relax on these comfortable, cozy chairs. The bean bag chairs of the 1970s were packed with polystyrene beads and were more of a decoration statement. Since then, these chairs have come a long way and have undergone upgrades. Bean bags are one of those must-haves nowadays due to the versatility to use them.


There are too many types of bean bags but before talking about them, let us shed some 

light on every detail that you absolutely would love to know before buying a bean bag


Why bean bags Ricrac?

The best bean bag chair options today use EPS Beads, EPP Beads, Micro-Beads,
Compressed Foam, and natural fillings, which provides a lot of support for your body, They are the softest materials against your skin and you don’t have to worry about. The stains, you clean them very easily, allowing you to sit with very little pressure on your back. Foam also springs back to shape after you get out of the chair, and it doesn’t leak of the chair’s cover just like the old-school beads did. Foam bean bag chairs take time to expand when taken out of the box. Most bean bag chairs also have machine-washable, removable covers, making them easier to clean than their predecessors.

These comfortable seats are versatile, functional, and sometimes come at a lower cost point than traditional sofa chairs and seating. Beanbags can be moved to anywhere which is great when it comes to setting outdoors or if you have guests and want an extra seat.


  1. BEST OVERALL: Basic Size Bean Bag - Raky
  2. BEST FOR OUTDOORS: Rocka - Rocking Swing Chair
  3. BEST FOR THE FAMILY: 2-4 Adults Bean Bag - Ranil
  4. BEST FOR NAPPING: Buggle-Up Lounge Chair - Runden 


Bean bags or chairs?

And here comes the most frequently asked question, beanbags or chairs?


Let me answer this for you, you’ll notice that the disadvantages are nothing if you compare them with the advantages, buying a bean bag will benefit you, because as it was mentioned they’re affordable and lightweight, unlike the chairs which can be expensive and not easy to carry. So if the bean bags don’t work with you, you can easily give them to someone else and that one will be happy to have them, I mean who doesn’t like bean bags!.

What to Seem for When Choosing the Best Bean bag?


Bean bag chairs are available in many shapes and sizes. Comfortable and versatile, these chairs also offer a choice of cover materials and inner fillings. Here are some important considerations to keep in mind when shopping for the best bean bag chairs.


When choosing the right-size bean bag chair for your space, consider where you will put it and who will be sitting within the chair. For kids, teens, or adults, it isn’t enough to simply consider age. Height and weight also help narrow the alternatives when selecting the most comfortable bean bag. 


Bean bag chairs are available in several shapes, although the most common are round and oval. Other sort of bean bag chairs resemble actual chairs or sofas with an area to take a seat down, back support, and armrests. 


Bean bag chairs are filled with either beads or foam. Polystyrene beads make the chair lightweight and easy to transport. However, they break down with time, so you may eventually need to refill your bean bag chair. Polyurethane memory foam provides optimal support by conforming to the shape of your body. This durable yet soft material does not break down, so you won’t need to refill your bean bag chair.

Cover and Liner

Bean bag chair covers are available in many materials including microfiber, fur, nylon, vinyl, and leather. If you like easy clean-up, choose one made of quality, stain-resistant fabric. Microfiber and fur are both super soft options; however, fur can be challenging to clean. Vinyl and leather are both easy to clean by wiping up spills with a damp cloth. Nylon is similar to vinyl yet softer.

Some bean bag chairs come with removable covers, which makes it easier to clean your bean bag chair.


Because of their material, bean bags make one of the most comfortable furniture items which you would buy. You can sit on them with different positions such as upright, lying on your side, or even cross-legged. Also, it is perfect for pregnant women because it gives them the chance to lie on the stomach.


Weight and Portability

Weight and portability are two factors to keep in mind when shopping for a new bean bag chair. If you are looking for a bean bag chair that is easy to move between rooms, you may want to opt for a lighter and more portable choice, such as one containing beads. 

The conclusion 

Bean bags are the most suitable furniture item nowadays due to many things.


Bean bags are made of good, soft, and comfortable materials, they can be filled with so many different materials that make the bean bag a good seat


They have so many advantages which give you the courage to buy them without hesitation.